Little Italy Condo Conversion

Type: Multi-Family Residential
Size: 650 SF
Location: San Diego, USA
Collaborators: N/A
Status: Built

Grand Prize Award Winner for the Smallest Coolest Apartment Tech Contest, the Littlt Italy Condo Interior converts an ordinary, inefficient condo space into a modern, livable home. The renovation completely transforms this space with three architectural elements that at once delineate and unify. The entry is framed by wrapping a stainless steel bar that says walk through me or stay a while for a drink. You are invited into the main living space with its clean lines, cool angled floors and warm wall panels. The media storage wall is a deceptively simple storage device and room divider. It does three main things: diverts the flow of circulation to the private spaces, is storage for both the bedroom and living spaces, and brings scale and light into the home. As you enter the bedroom through the hidden door the huge glass closet and office area add storage and depth. Overall, with subtle shifts in material and color this condo is immeasurably altered.