Design Opera Architects is a collaborative architecture and design firm based in Los Angeles, California. Our work specializes in integrating both the progressive and the traditional to create contemporary design projects. Founded in 2006, Design Opera develops unique solutions for each project through a process of research, development, and design that tell our client’s story. Design Opera, focuses on creating architecture and design of our time which is critical to the ever-changing conditions of climate, culture, and technology.

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Our name represents the complexity in coordination and collaboration that is required to achieve a great project, similar to conducting an Opera.

Gregory Marx De Peña, AIA, NCARB Principal and Founder


Mr. De Peña is a Licensed Architect in the state of California, boasting a distinguished career spanning 24 years. As the principal architect of Design Opera, he is renowned for his commitment to rigorous research and analysis, continually pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation.

Mr. De Peña’s academic journey began with a focus on vernacular architecture in the Dominican Republic, culminating in a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona. His groundbreaking thesis, “The Primitive Hut of the 21st Century,” has garnered international acclaim for its pioneering use of fluid dynamics in conjunction with NASA wind study models, setting a new standard in architectural design.

Throughout his career, Mr. De Peña has amassed extensive experience in both residential and commercial architecture. During his tenure with Ronchetti Design and Line & Space Architects, he played a pivotal role in the creation of sustainable and environmentally conscious structures. These experiences laid the foundation for his own practice, Design Opera, where he continues to champion eco-friendly and innovative architectural solutions.

In addition to his professional practice, Mr. De Peña has made significant contributions to urban development and design policy. He served a two-year term on the CCAC Advisory Board for the CCDC Redevelopment Agency in Downtown San Diego, where his recommendations greatly influenced the design of numerous high-rises. His advocacy for enhanced vertical connections and improved pedestrian-oriented ground levels has significantly enriched the San Diego skyline and urban landscape, fostering a higher quality of life through functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Mr. De Peña’s commitment to education is evident from his tenure as an adjunct instructor at the New School of Architecture and Design, where he taught for three years before relocating to Los Angeles. His pedagogical approach, mirroring the method-based design process employed at Design Opera, has inspired and shaped the next generation of architects.

Currently, Mr. De Peña serves on the Advisory Council to the San Diego Commons, a non-profit organization dedicated to reconnecting neighborhoods disrupted by the Federal Freeway Act of the 1950s. Through this role, he continues to influence urban redevelopment, advocating for projects that bridge communities and promote social cohesion.

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