40,000 SF

Tijuana, Baja California



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Instead of beginning the design process with the building's envelop, we began by laying out the typical units first and then accommodating them into a building, eliminating the hassle of having to cram units into a set building. The result is a comfortable and functional space(s) resembling those of a house more than those of typical apartments.

These outdoor spaces create the necessary connection to the environment missing from typical apartment buildings.

In addition, more than half of the units in the project contain three-bedroom or larger units, in order to accommodate more families into the development while the terraces double the living space of the apartments for a fraction of the cost, since the cost for construction is much lower for unconditioned spaces. By providing larger indoor and outdoor spaces, these apartments become more attractive than urban single-family projects.


With its bordering proximity to Southern California, the demand for housing in Tijuana exceeds that of available apartments. Aside from the city's lack of public amenities such as parks and open spaces, Tijuana also suffers from a marginalizing housing market, leaving families in cramped dysfunctional, and cookie-cutter apartments.

Altezza, named by the clients, set out to try and tackle this situation.

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