Tijuana, Baja California




8,160 SF



Tucked between a quiet, almost secluded, street and a country club's golf course, this project is a loud yet subtle addition to the neighborhood.

By understanding the site and client characteristics − two brothers, each with their own family, wanting to build their first homes in a high residential area − the project's goal began to take form: To create two separate houses without them being detached from each other, to appear like a single, uniform building.

The project's facade differs itself

from the neighboring houses.

Each house is composed of three main floors − public amenities on the first floor, private bedrooms on the second floor, and a roof terrace at the top − and small basement for storage.

The project's facade is covered by a series of thin aluminum columns with a wooden finish, creating a screen which allows for light to penetrate the interior spaces while maintaining its privacy.

The patio's screen, however, is divided into two parts, the screen which covers the second floor balcony is made of bi-fold doors which can be opened or closed to the client's liking.

The balcony becomes a hybrid space

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